Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Finding My Way...

Hello my lovelies - would you believe it's exactly 3 years since I made my last post? Wow, time really does fly when you're having fun, or in my case finding myself, although truth be told there was a lot of enjoyment involved.

So many adventures that I desperately wanted to write to you about, the highs, the lows and the lessons learned, but there never seemed to be anytime to get it all on paper or perhaps I just didn't know where to begin, so I just left it unsaid. That's the thing about being a blogger that people outside the blogosphere never seem to get. Beyond the perks is the heart of a person sharing a bit of themselves with the world; whether it's our granma's recipe, our look of the day or our arts n craft project, we let people into our world.

There are times we don't wanna let anyone in, we want to close the curtains to the audience and stay backstage whilst we figure out how we're gonna play out our next 'act' in this play called life. It's an improv drama so we don't really know how the plot ends or even what's to come, but we've been assured the scenes will have a lot of intense moments. There's no direction, no director and definitely no script but it's a play all the same, I'm the performer, you are the audience and the curtains that separate us is the publish button - one push and the performance begins.

I didn't want the performance to begin, I wanted time to myself to live each moment of my adventures uninterrupted by the cheers or boos of the audience. Although I never really knew the exact time i would return, I never expected it to be this long, however I'm glad that it wasn't all for nothing - as in the words of Shakespeare "all that's well ends well." Did I discover myself? Yes, lets just say I discovered my identity and most importantly I am back and more passionate than ever!

Please join me in my new home aptly named "The Quintessential Girl," just a lil somethin I've been quietly cooking up over the past couple of months. It will be a melting pot of inspirations, encouragement and tidbits of wisdom that I've learned along the way. Oh and check out my recent post about what we can all learn from Madonna's fall from stage - less on the fall and more on the getting up and moving forward.

Hope to see you all there!


Thursday, March 29, 2012


Its spring its spring
Oh I just can’t wait
To find fruits on the vases
And flowers on my plate

I want to hear the warm sun
And feel the robin singing
Watch the scent of the flowers
And smell the butterflies flying

Its spring its spring
I’m so full of glee
For the people will bloom
And the flowers will be happy

The gray fields shall be covered
With the magic of the meadow
And the brown sky shall be painted
With the blossoms of the rainbow

Its spring its spring
How can I be blue?
For it is the time of spring
And only the spring brings you

Arvie Calimlim
Such a lovely poem, I just had to share.


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Friday, March 23, 2012

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Macaroon Madness

Hey everyone, today I feel like taking a trip down memory lane. Last May was a very memorable one, as it was the month that Laduree opened a branch in one of my favourite London neighbourhoods, Covent Garden. Right on the cobbled plaza, so you can sit and enjoy the delicious macaroons whilst watching a street theater performance. A very lovely way to pass a Saturday evening might I add.
How deliciously wicked of them to expose those macaroons like that, a girl simply has no choice but to get one...or a few...a pack of 12 is also good. That way you can share ;)
Gorgeous chandelier don't you think?Yep they are as yummy as they look, but never more than 2 at one time. This place is definitely one of my guilty pleasures of London.

What about you guys? Any guilty pleasures that you would like to share?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My friend took me to a nearby little village, very close to Amsterdam, can't remember the name. The food however was simply unforgettable. Really simple homely dishes cooked to perfection!

Real Dutch alfresco dining :)

This house looked so beautiful standing by itself in the middle of nowhere.
This lighthouse literally took my breath away! Isn't it stunning? I remember just standing there gazing up at it and imagining the lives of the villagers. The whole place was peaceful, calm and exquisite.
...Well that's all folks! I will forever treasure this holiday, as I got to spend some time with one of my oldest friends before she officially became a "mrs". What about you guys, any holidays that are more special to you?

Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy Monday my lovelies! I hope you all had a beautiful and relaxing weekend break. As promised, this week is all about catching you guys up on all my adventures during my hiatus from the blogosphere. My time in Amsterdam last summer was particularly fun, as I got to spend some time with my childhood bff as she prepared for her wedding. It was such an amazing experience, she took me to a concert hosted by the philharmonic orchestra...such beautiful music. No pics to show for that am afraid, photography wasn't allowed, all I can say is that the venue was drop dead spectacular!
I did some touristy stuff, but not much. What I did do a lot of, was to eat everything and anything, that's what traveling is all about right? We went to this Moroccan restaurant with the most delicious food, as you can see from the pics, we committed serious carbocide, but it was most definitely worth it :) We passed through the flower market and ended up staying for an hour, it smelled so delicious and everything looked so pretty. I also went on a mini architecture tour, which I'll show you guys tomorrow. Pretty pictures of dutch cottages, so beautiful and picturesque.

So what did you guys get upto this weekend?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hello my lovelies! Yes you read that correctly, I'm back, although I don't know if I do have anymore lovelies left, given the length of my absence! Time really does fly. So lets see, I've been gone for a year and half, that's got to be at least half a century in the blogoshpere, right? I feel really excited to be back and at the same time with butterflies in my stomach like I'm reuniting with an old love...I know, I know I'm such a romantic :)

I can't begin to imagine the sheer volume of stuff I've missed! All the creative inspiration inducing posts, just gone by without me. Well I guess the only thing to do is to play catch-up! What have I missed then folks? I mean that literally, kindly send me links to your favourite posts over the past year or so, and I'll share the best ones right here. Keeping in mind that I've been away for such a looong time, I could really do with some colourful, beautiful and delightful posts.

Although I haven't been blogging, the adventures have continued. Last summer I spent some time in Amsterdam, visiting my childhood bff on the week leading up to her wedding. I also had my first solo exhibition at The London Design Festival, that was pretty sweet! Right now, as I sit and write these very words, I'm on an extended holiday in San Francisco bay area....and the best part? I'm staying...ahhh! Well I need to go back to London for a while and sort out my life there, then move out here for good!...(more on this later). This adventure has really got to be the "Grande Pumba" of all my gallivanting!

So next week is dedicated to playing catch-up, I'll be filling you guys in on my escapades, as well as my discoveries. I would really love to see some of your best highlights of the past year, so please send me links, lots and lots of it. Where I'm currently staying has a pool, so I can sit by the poolside and read blogs all weekend...hmm bliss :)

Have a great weekend guys!


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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Hello Darlings!!

Please join me for a glass of champagne and toasting this beautiful new journey that we are all about to embark on.

Lots of love, hugs and kisses.


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Saturday, January 01, 2011


Last year was such a good year for me, filled with so much love, laughter and adventures. This year my darlings will be even better! How do I know? I sense it, I feel there's something special around the corner, a little sparkle here and there, with a dash of magic. Ok, ok, I know it might sound like crazy talk, but my lady senses (yes ladies you know what I mean) is picking up on something, I can't wait to find out what.

So my sweets, I'm sprinkling some magic on you right now. Enjoy your day and have a full filled year 2011.

A Billion Kisses!

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas greetings!

This is a little token of my appreciation to you guys for not forgetting all about this old blogger who hasn't updated in 3 months! Thanks so much for your support and encouraging tweets. I wish you all the best this Christmas, may your day be filled with love and laughter!

A billion kisses,
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