Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Island Hopping Part 2

Well you know what they say, people that live on islands, must hop around (kidding, no body says that). It's long been my best friend's dream to go to Burano, so when she came with her boyfriend for a weekend visit, it was my pleasure to make her dreams come true.
Yep! Welcome to island hopping part 2.

First stop was Murano, famed for it's glass making industry.
Unfortunately when we didn't see the glass blowers in action, I think it was siesta time. This light house on the other hand really captivated me. I love light houses, they absolutely fascinate me.

Next stop, Burano. Famed for lace making and beautiful coloured houses.
This place is seriously stunning, I highly recommend it.

Sunday was lovely and relaxing. We went antiquing in the morning, then cycled along the river Silea, before settling for a picnic in this lovely place.
.....we also squeezed in a little time for shopping along the way.
The thing about island hopping is that it's as much tiring, as it is fun. A ying, yang thing. You get the cool, exciting stuff, but it comes with a fatigue price. Am still recovering, but it was worth it. Beauty, adventure, good company, what more can a girl ask for? This I believe is the good life.


  1. Maddalena30 June, 2010

    Reading your blog is always a pleasure.
    Lovely pics and interesting adventures.

  2. Aww, thank you sweetie. Readers like you make it worthwhile! x

  3. Pictures are amazing sweety!! I will send you my address so I can see the rest!! Thank you for making my dream come true :)

    Kiss xxxxxx

  4. It was my pleasure darling, enjoy your new life in Amsterdam, and be sure to keep me posted on the decoration journey!



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