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Friday, May 14, 2010

Dreamy Riverside House

Happy Friday beautiful people! I have absolutely no plans for this weekend, I'll see what pops up, it's much more fun that way. Before signing off for this week, I really wanted to show you guys this dreamy riverside house in my town. Isn't it a beau? Every time I walk past it, I always imagine the kind of parties I would have on that deck. Right now am picturing a late evening barbecue, a small intimate do with only 10 of my closest friends. Am wearing a long flowy Elie Saab summer dress, looking uber chic of course. The food is delicious and the smell softly mixes with the sweet scent of fresh seasonal flowers. What a life.

.....and it looks like this at night!
Seriously dreamy right? Isn't the reflections on the river a stunner?

Images taken by me

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Inspirational Therapy

The weekend is nearly here, and although it's not yet Friday, my body is already aching from a week long stress. Luckily I came across this amazing farmhouse by Rick Joy Architects, and I immediately had some inspirational therapy! Never underestimate the value of a great image, beautiful interiors or fashion TV always does it for me.

Am really drawn to this house because of it's simplicity, it feels beautiful and uncomplicated, the kind of place that you can feel easily at home.
I am a huge fan of exposed bricks! Some say it makes a space look unfinished, but I disagree. I think it adds a certain warmth and charm.
How divine is this bathroom? Surely you would simply loose yourself in endless daydreams.
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