Monday, September 27, 2010

Honizukle Monday

Happy Honizukle Monday my darlings! Thanks so much for all of your words of kindness and encouragement in my last post. I hope you had a wonderful weekend, I managed to catch up on some much needed sleep so that was really cool.

Today being a Monday, and a grey one too, I wanted to start the week with something beautiful, colourful and very uplifting! About a couple weeks a ago Kimberly Costa of Honizukle Press, left a lovely comment on one of my posts, and being the ever so nosey girl that I am, I couldn't help but to click on her link. Well, lets just say I discovered a little treasure chest. She has the most whimsical sense of humour you can ever imagine, which are all evident in her illustrations.

After looking through her website, blog and Etsy shop, I knew I had to share some of this good stuff. So I made a comment on one of her posts, asking if I could feature her work over here, and she said yes! So the next thing I knew, we where exchanging emails like we were ol friends (ahh the beauty of blogging), and she happily answered the questions I asked her (told you I was nosey).

ME: I love the name Honizukle, how did you come up with it?
KC: Honizukle was a name a friend of mine started calling me in highschool. It was actually Honeysuckle, like the flower, but back then, as I do now, I always had to change it to make it my own. It became such a big part of my identity that it seemed natural to call my stationery Honizukle Press. I identify a lot with the name as it is a very delicate yet modest flower not lacking in beauty, which is what I'd like all my creations to be.
 ME: What inspires you?
 KC: Lately, I'm inspired by everything. From fashion to photography to nature, there isn't anything that I see that won't spark some sort of idea. I'm also now inspired by my son, who amazes me every day and my husband, who challenges me all the time and whose artwork blows my mind. I also find a lot of inspiration in seeing other people's work and specifically their process. The internet has made it possible to see what everyone is doing and it's so exciting to see people creating all over the world. My only problem is I want to do it all. Creating is just something that's so hard wired inside of me that I get excited about a lot of different mediums. I think that's why a lot of different things inspire me to work.
ME: What are you currently working on?
KC: I'm currently working on a very special project with my husband. It's something very different from what I normally do but I'm very excited about it. My husband loves to draw and I happen to love his drawings, so it makes for a great collaboration. I don't want to say too much about it as I want it to be a surprise but I will say is that it's going to be a project in which I step out of my comfort zone a little in terms of content and it will hopefully be available before December as it is going to be a calendar.

I've got other things in the works. One design set in particular is inspired by my husband's fashion, he's very dapper, and another by my son and my relationship with him. This last one will be an illustrated project in which I'm trying to put on paper what I'm experiencing as a first time mother. It's been amazing and I just have to share it somehow.
Aww such sweet words, I can't wait till it comes out. Apart from her obvious talent, she really, really, is a nice person. Even sent me a pic of her new baby boy, unfortunately the link was broken and couldn't open (still waiting for another one darling).
As a final touch, she shares her workspace with us. I love looking at where creative people work. The desk and the typewriter are simply fabulous.
I've only featured a tiny bit of her work here, I urge you to check out her website, from greeting cards to wedding invitations, she does it all.

All images are courtesy of Honizukle Press.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Two year ban on blogging!

Those of you following this blog for some time now would have known that today was rather a special day for me. It was my return to the "education system" (so to speak), first day of my masters program. Since graduating from undergrad school, I've always felt that I wanted to further my studies, but wasn't quite sure I wanted do it in architecture. I worked for two years in two London practices, one large and the other very small, it was important for me to experience what it felt like to be a practicing architect. Lets just say it had it's highs and lows, I wasn't a big fan of a certain council's planning policy. So when the opportunity came to spend a year in Italy, working in fashion, I said HELL YES!

Boy or boy was that the most ADVENTUROUS year of my life! Like in every good story there is always a "but", and this was a big ol "but"! I had a good time living in Venice, working in fashion, and partying like a Sex and the City gal, "but" I missed architecture like crazy. Who could blame me? Surrounded by the most exquisite examples of art, architecture and great beauty, it was hard not to be inspired. So eventually the good times had to come to a bittersweet end. My mind was made up, I was coming home to London, to finish what I started years ago.

Today finally arrived after weeks of excitement turned anticipation, and it was time to make that decision, the one that will ultimately (ok slight exaggeration here) determine the path of my working life. It was time to choose which architecture discipline I wanted to develop further. "But" (and here's that word again) not before the head of department gives his traditional speech. Which went something like this.

"Over the next two years, you must all say good bye to everything, no social life, no reading of materials unrelated to the course, no going to the pub, no sleep, and no sex. This course will kill you".

What about blogging? My little heart gets to racing. I can't possibly give this up, I love it too much. What about the friends I've made, and my ever so loyal readers, who continue to grow in rapid rates. I love you darlings!

So here's the plan beautiful people, posting might be a bit irregular over the next couple of weeks whilst I adjust to my new life, but THERE WILL BE BLOGGING! Please bare with me my lovelies, there will initially be a few teething problems, but all will be straightened out as soon as possible. The ride might get a little bumpy in the beginning, but have some patience, because there will be plenty of good stuff to come out of it. I will be taking you guys with me on this journey, through the good, bad, funny and embarrassing moments. As the Italian adventures ends, so must the London one begin.

Night, night and
a million kisses

Image by me

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Glamourous canopy bed

Ladies and gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you the Enignum bed, the worlds most glamourous canopy bed.
This beautiful example of exquisite craftsmanship, is the brainchild of Irish designer Joseph Walsh. Designed to give the user sensations of being sheltered by natural elements whilst asleep indoors.
Totally breathtaking isn't it?

Anyone else feeling it as much as I am? Come on people, it even has silk curtains, SILK!


Autumn hair accessories

New seasons always gives new reasons for wardrobe updating, or in this case accessories. I'm never the type to go out and buy tons and tons of stuff, instead I prefer to pick a few key items, which compliments what I already have. This autumn, I'm loving these knitted bow headbands by Emma. They are so gorgeous and feminine, and comes in a variety of colours to spice up any outfit. Just the perfect thing to wear before it's time for the woolly hats.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The London Design Festival

Happy Monday my lovelies, it's actually quite sunny and bright outside, so a beautiful start for the week ahead. I'm also happy to report that the city of London is alive with chaos right now, as Saturday saw the beginning of The London Design Festival. I'm super excited about all the exhibitions and installation, and as usual it's hard to decided where to start, what to see and (importantly) which parties to attend. So to give me the low down of what's what, I caught up with one of the LDF team, Ailie Marks.

What can visitors expect to see this year?
We expect this Festival to be the biggest and best yet! There are over 200 events and exhibitions that make up the Festival covering 25 design disciplines - every one has something slightly different to offer.

You have a pretty good overview of what's on offer. Have you got any favourites?

One exhibition that I really do think people should check out is Kate Maestri's showcase for CAA. She produces really beautiful glass pieces inspired by brutalist architecture, and they're really very striking.

What criteria do you use to choose which exhibition makes it into the festival and which doesn't?

As an event, the Festival is very inclusive. We love people to be involved, and all that we ask is that exhibitions are of a high quality.

Are there any surprises in store for us this year? Anything weird, or unusual?

Loads! We thrive on the unexpected! Have a look at the Anti-Design Festival for example, who aim to turn the London Design Festival on its head...

It all kicks off this Saturday, will there be a swanky opening party?

The nine days of the Festival are full of parties all across London. We held our opening launch last night on the roof of the Queen Elizabeth Hall at Southbank Centre. It was a great occasion and lovely to have everyone together to toast the success of the Festival ahead. 

Friday, September 17, 2010

Weekend greetings

Hello darlings!
 As the summer draws to an official close, so will the British strawberry season. 

Eat up folks before it's all gone :)

Have a wonderful weekend.

Image by me

Photographs by Simon Upton

I thought I might wrap this week up nicely by sharing the works of one of my favourite photographers, Simon Upton. Some of you might recogise the name, as his images often appear in publications such as Vogue, The world of Interiors, Harpers Bazaar and the like.
I love his style of compositions, and I enjoy spending time absorbing all the little details contained in each photograph. 

I hope you enjoy looking at his work as much as I do.

Well, what do you think? I encourage you to go to his website, there are more where those came from.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cupcake week

I wonder what goes through your mind when you hear the words cosmopolitan, or sweet and wicked mojito. I'm guessing it wouldn't be cupcakes, right? Well think again.
In celebration of the National cupcake week, bakers all over England are turning up the heat in the kitchen to bring us some pretty usual and intense flavours.

As a cupcake lover (of the blueberry kind) myself, I say bring it on. The more richer and decadent, the better. If I can make my way round the multitude flavours of Italian ice cream, then I can pretty much do the same for cupcakes of Britain.

Shame? Don't know the meaning of the word.


Modern Chinese interior

I'm not really familiar with the Chinese interior design industry, so you can imagine my delight to have discovered this beautiful portfolio of DYEast Design Consultant. Please take some time to marvel at their work, I've taken the best part of the morning doing so.
Rather breath taking isn't it?
Now the bad news is that they do not currently have a website, hard to believe I know. Apparently they publish their work every so often, just to wet the appetites of inspiration junkies like myself.

Do you like folks?


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wish List Wednesday

My dear darlings the time has finally come for me to bid a fond farewell to freedom. Next Wednesday is the first day of university, which means that I have just under one week to relax, enjoy myself, and take it easy. I would also like to use this time to shop for some school stuff, I had the most ordinary stationary during my degree days, so now I want to do my masters in style. You know how it is when you have a design blog :)

Anyway I have to confess that I've fallen for those satchels BIG TIME! They would go really nicely with my new winter statement coat, which at the moment only exists in my head. Haven't seen it in the shops yet, but I'll know it when I see it. Like meeting "the one", I suppose.
Hmm...I shall go away and ponder it some more. Feel free to drop me a line and put forward your thoughts (preferably reasons why I should buy) on the matter.

Satchel(1), Notebooks(2), Personal organiser(3), Laptop case(4), A3 portfolio(5) Pen

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Glamour + Romance

The sheer glamour and romance of this room simply knocked me off my feet the moment I set my eyes on it.

I love the assortment of purples used and the placement of lighting at various heights. There's the chandelier (which we only get a glimpse of), the standing lights next to the daybed, at opposite ends, and then the wall mounted lantern to the right of the picture.

Pure perfection!


Monday, September 13, 2010

Colour Therapy

Happy Monday beautiful people! I truly hope that the weather has treated you better than it has me. This morning I was kindly greeted by gigantic grey clouds, hence the reason for this summery post. There's an art to living in London you see, you can either go with the flow and be saddened by the constant greyness, or you can take control, seize the moment as they say and fill your world with colours and inspirations. This is the option that I like to take.
Ok this one, not so much colours, but lovely all the same with a slight wisp of romance infused.

Drum-roll please...

The beautiful home featured on Friday's Guess the house, was none other than Candace Bushnell's (Sex and the City creator) New York abode. Nobody guessed it correctly I'm afraid, but hey, it wasn't like I was handing out prizes :)

Guess the house source
Today's source

Friday, September 10, 2010

Weekend Greetings

Enjoy your weekend!


Kim Kardashian's new house

Really, I promise I'm not secretly trying to make this blog into all about celebrities and their digs, but when I saw Kim Kardashian's new house on the Daily mail, I just...well before I knew it, my fingers did the walking and hey presto a post was made.
Yes my name is Ijeoma and I watch Keeping up with the Kardashians. Guaranteed dramas and diva tantrums, how can anyone not watch it, begs the question.
I really like the opulence of the white decor. The big windows ensures a sufficient amount of light to open up the room and make it feel bigger. The fire place is just the icing on the cake, isn't it?
(How rather fitting it is, that an old black and white movie just happens to be playing...well it compliments the decor.)
The mix of walnut brown and off white is carried through to this room brilliantly. The large screen T.V has been made a feature of, rather than just plunked on the wall.
A bedroom fit for a socialite, might we say?
Zoning through colours has been beautifully executed here. You have the cold steel with white for the cooking section, and the brown with white for the sit down area.
Absolutely fabulous and at $4.8million, it doesn't come cheap. One question though.

Who did the decor? Does anyone know?

Guess the house

Just because it's Friday doesn't mean we have to slack off now, does it? How about a little afternoon game to perk us up. What you have is four images of a celebrity's home, and you have till Monday to guess whose house it is.
Lucky for you guys the magazine I got this from has provided some very useful clues, but unluckily, I will be naming the source next week. So sorry, no cheating!
Any luck yet?
....well you have till Monday.

Play nice

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Personalised stamps

It's time to get personal guys, don't worry no confessions needed, I'm just talking about these beautiful personalised stamps by illustrator Holly-Anne Rolfe.
Each one is made into an ink sketch image of the clients home, so the end result is rather charming and fairytale like. They can be used as tags for presents or on envelopes, for a more old fashion touch.
I really like the idea of these, they will definitely bring a special touch to any postage. I only hope people team them with a beautiful handwritten letter, as to a typed one.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Wish List Wednesday

I fell in love with this beautiful Bollywood inspired Mathew Williamson chair, the moment I clasped my eyes on it. I've searched high and low but I haven't seen it anywhere else, so I'm guessing he designed it just for his own home.

If anyone knows where to find this lovely piece of furniture, then please let me know, probably out of my price range, but I still wanna know.


Source via Ideal Home Magazine
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