Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wish List Wednesday

A wish come true....
There was once a young traveling designer, who woke up one morning and longed to be back home with her beloved family, friends and beautiful city. She contemplated about her wishes, should she stay in the kingdom of Italy for the remaining month or should she pack up and return to her kingdom of Great Britain.

After thinking long and hard, short and narrow, large and wide, the young traveler came to a decision. Although she could stay and have her holidays in her current city, however her heart has long left, and so she must follow.

With those feelings in mind, she set forth arranging a meeting between herself and the department of voyage within her place of labour. Soon afterward, a date was appointed, and the young traveler's wish came true. Come this Saturday, she will once more be with her beloved ones.

You guessed it ladies and gentlemen, I'm going back home to London this Saturday! Whoo! I know it's a bit sudden, but like my banner says, a life worth living is a life lived with passion, these are my very words that I live by. I always follow my heart and it is no longer here, so neither should I be. doing a happy dance, this Wednesday's wish has come true. Have you folks had any wishes come true recently?

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  1. zanele okonkwo30 July, 2010

    Nice story. Wishing you all the best when you go back home Ijeoma. May all your wishes come true.


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