Friday, April 30, 2010

Scrumptious space

Happy Friday everyone, the weekend is finally upon us! I have absolutely no plans, and am kind of feeling very optimistic right now. I'm in one of those moods where I feel like anything could happen, like the possibilities are endless, but unfortunately my cold in getting worse, so my free weekend will probably be spent mostly in bed. Right now I could really do with a bedroom like this. The bed looks super comfy, the bath seems so heavenly, and they are all together into one scrumptious space.
 To keep me sane in my sick bed, I would love to read what you guys have planned for the weekend.
Images via Kickrs

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Family Affair

This beautiful home in Lisbon Portugal was completely redecorated by the family. Normally am not a huge fan of complete white interiors for a family home, but this I like. They have made the space more inviting through the use of colourful accessories.
Images via Freshome

Inspirational Therapy

The weekend is nearly here, and although it's not yet Friday, my body is already aching from a week long stress. Luckily I came across this amazing farmhouse by Rick Joy Architects, and I immediately had some inspirational therapy! Never underestimate the value of a great image, beautiful interiors or fashion TV always does it for me.

Am really drawn to this house because of it's simplicity, it feels beautiful and uncomplicated, the kind of place that you can feel easily at home.
I am a huge fan of exposed bricks! Some say it makes a space look unfinished, but I disagree. I think it adds a certain warmth and charm.
How divine is this bathroom? Surely you would simply loose yourself in endless daydreams.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wish List Wednesday

....Ha ha, got you!
Of course I wasn't gonna have a wish list without including some fashion stuff too. Seriously what do you take me for?

These are the lovelies am coveting this week.

Wish List Wednesday

Did you guys ever see that movie Confessions of a shopaholic? Without spoiling it for those of you that haven't seen it yet, it's basically a modern day rom-com about the life of a mid-twenties girl in New York, dealing with her shopping addiction.  The film was actually based on a series of shopaholic books by Sophie Kinsella, if you're into chick-lits then it might be your thing, it's definitely my cup of tea. Seeing the movie kind of brought a few home truths to me, although I wasn't as extreme as Becky Bloomwood, however I was no stranger to splurging on clothes, shoes, bags, accessories for my room and the like. So to nip my situation in the bud before it got any bigger, I started to collect images of things that I wanted. I called it "inspirations", my conscience called it temptations, and now that I have a blog, we can call it "wish list"! Right my friends?

If you promise to humor me and let me live this little lie, then I promise to share my wish list with you on Wednesdays.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lovely Kitchens

It's not often that I talk about kitchens, actually I've never blogged about kitchens. The thing about me is that am always thinking about my perfect home, what it will look like, what kind of decor it will have, all that stuff, you know? Do you guys do it too? Anyway, when I came across these kitchens on House Beautiful, I knew I had to share.

I love cooking, but with a kitchen like this I might wanna become a chef!
I really can't wait to have my own property. Don't get me wrong, I love being young, carefree and moving around. Having no fixed address is fun and so are the adventures, but there comes a time when one must settle and build a nest.

The first kitchen is my favourite, beautiful and feminine. Which one do you like?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Fit for a President

One of my all time favourite hobbies (...yes it's a real hobby, am not nosy I promise) is looking at the homes of creative people. Whether it's an artist, designer or writer, it really doesn't matter. Am always interested to see how these guys express themselves through their personal spaces. You can tell a lot about someone's personality from the way they live. So imagine my joy, when I wandered over to Elle Decor and found out they were featuring the beautiful New York apartment of Michael S. Smith, the interior decorator for the private quarters of The White House.

So ladies and gentlemen, this is the home of the man in charge of decorating the Obama's home.
Personally I find some of his rooms too cluttered, but big kudos on his confident use of colours.

What's your verdict people?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Glass House

People who live in this house, should not throw stones! (...yes am quite proud of that sentence - pun intended :-)
This stunning glass house is the brainchild of santambrogiomilano, an Italian architecture and design firm. I think the setting also adds to the beauty, very ice queen meets modern winter wonderland. To be honest, am getting pretty fed up with the gigantic glass and steel buildings that are dominating most urban cities. However, in this context it looks fresh and new.
Did I mention that it comes with a set of furniture made completely from glass too?
 I love it. would stay in it, but never live in it! Would you?

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Suddenly it feels like all my friends have their birthdays this month. The upside is the parties, and the downside is finding the gifts. I am a self-confessed, over obsessive, gift giver. A lot of time is spent considering, contemplating and comparing. They say it's the thought that counts, but I also want to get people something that they are happy to have and would actually use. So anyway, whilst on the prowl for another great gift, I came across this ingenious invention by PostCarden.
It's the most adorable pop-out card which transforms into a mini garden. Watch the video to get a better idea.
My friend has a playful heart, so I think she will love this. Unfortunately it won't be delivered in time.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Finale Milano!

Here is the final set of my favourite picks from the Milan furniture fair. I hope you have enjoyed looking at them. The weather was horrible, but the energy was amazing, so I had a really good time. That's the thing about us creative people, we don't easily get defeated. Right?
This exhibition was by Fabrica students. An interesting take on ceramics don't you think?
I like the combination of metal with ceramic.
Cute set, can't help wondering what they would look like in a variety of colours.
Interesting seating plan. Reminds of one of Starck's designs.
Not too sure what this one is, a cake stand craving cupcakes!
I have no clue what the spider-web on the wall is about, I suppose it makes for an interesting backdrop. Those wooden seats are rather lovely! It won't suit my current decor, but there's no harm in planning for the future.

With only a day to see everything, I felt like I still missed out on a lot of the good stuff. If anyone has pictures to share from this event, please feel free to forward it to me. Am still hungry for more!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More Milano goodies

Am back with more Milano goodies!
This is by Georg Bechter, a German architect. Not too sure how comfortable it is to sit on, but I love the visual display.
I could do with this hammock right now. I would probably layer it with lots of comfy pillows though.
I thought the black one looked interesting, am not sure if it's uniqueness comes across well on the photo.
These cups are as cute as a button (every pun intended), don't you think?
In the right living room, those swirly wooden tables would look amazing!
You know what they say, the future is bright, the future is orange!
These are great, very original too!

Guys I know that posting these without referencing the designers is quite silly, and I apologise again. I have learnt a huge lesson, and I promise that it won't happen again. The only other option is not to post them at all, but I just wanted to show everyone a piece of the Milan furniture fair.

Stay tuned for more Milano good stuff!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Milano Milano!

I finally made it to the Salone Internazionale del Mobile on Saturday, and boy was I blown away.
I have been to Milan many times before, but this was my first time to the furniture show. I felt like a kid in a candy store, what the chocolate factory was to Charlie, the Milan furniture fair was to me.
There were plenty to see, events took place at almost every street corner, the only problem was deciding what to see. Luckily, my flat mate and I had been informed earlier during brunch with a friend of a friend, where the best places where. 

Over the next couple of days I'll be sharing some of my favourite pieces from the show. 
Unfortunately, I don't have the names of all the designers, I should have planned better, I know

I had to literally stop, as I walked past this booth. It is the work of Ivy Chuang, a San Fransisco based designer. 
Isn't this chair gorgeous, am absolutely besotted by the print. I met the studio's marketing manager Barbara Dravec, she's such a lovely lady, and also gave me a hug at the end of our chat....the warmth of Americans never ceases to surprise me. Anyway, their studio Knoend focuses greatly on eco-design. These chairs were reclaimed, and upholstered with organic cotton denim. The prints that am crazy about, were inspired by Ms Chuang's muticutural background. Born to Taiwanese parents, raised in Taiwan, Japan and the US, she has traveled to over 30 countries. Check out her website, for more of the good stuff!
This cute table is by Ivo Leemans. The legs are joint together to support the table through the two holes. Yes ladies and gentlemen, no glues used!
These adorable little chairs looked too good to sit on, so I had to ask before sitting (to avoid any embarrassments). she stood on it to prove it to me.

Stay tuned for more Milano adventures!
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