Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Finale Milano!

Here is the final set of my favourite picks from the Milan furniture fair. I hope you have enjoyed looking at them. The weather was horrible, but the energy was amazing, so I had a really good time. That's the thing about us creative people, we don't easily get defeated. Right?
This exhibition was by Fabrica students. An interesting take on ceramics don't you think?
I like the combination of metal with ceramic.
Cute set, can't help wondering what they would look like in a variety of colours.
Interesting seating plan. Reminds of one of Starck's designs.
Not too sure what this one is, a cake stand craving cupcakes!
I have no clue what the spider-web on the wall is about, I suppose it makes for an interesting backdrop. Those wooden seats are rather lovely! It won't suit my current decor, but there's no harm in planning for the future.

With only a day to see everything, I felt like I still missed out on a lot of the good stuff. If anyone has pictures to share from this event, please feel free to forward it to me. Am still hungry for more!

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