Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More Milano goodies

Am back with more Milano goodies!
This is by Georg Bechter, a German architect. Not too sure how comfortable it is to sit on, but I love the visual display.
I could do with this hammock right now. I would probably layer it with lots of comfy pillows though.
I thought the black one looked interesting, am not sure if it's uniqueness comes across well on the photo.
These cups are as cute as a button (every pun intended), don't you think?
In the right living room, those swirly wooden tables would look amazing!
You know what they say, the future is bright, the future is orange!
These are great, very original too!

Guys I know that posting these without referencing the designers is quite silly, and I apologise again. I have learnt a huge lesson, and I promise that it won't happen again. The only other option is not to post them at all, but I just wanted to show everyone a piece of the Milan furniture fair.

Stay tuned for more Milano good stuff!

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