Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fashion goes home

The talented couturier, Oscar de la Renta, will be adding a home collection to his many businesses. As a self confessed fashion obsessed architect, I love it when fashion designers turn their hands to interior, or vice versa, as in the case of Zaha Hadid. Read his interview on Elle Decor.

Monday, March 29, 2010

A touch of green

Like my wardrobe changes each season, I always feel that I should do something with my home as well. Although a full decor transformation is not possible four times a year (for me anyway), however by adding bold pieces, I can give new life to an old space. I've been thinking of getting a few house plants, they beautiful, and a great way of bringing spring into the home. I love these ones from Elle Decor

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Fling

It's officially here! That time of year when everyone has a spring in their step. The sun is out early, the day is longer, and all of a sudden the world is alive with colourful flowers. Spring is like a new birth, not just for mother nature but for me too. Lets face it by this time of year, most of us have not kept up our new year's resolution, I know mine usually goes out the window by the end of January. So around this time I suddenly feel revived, refreshed and energetic. Finally out of the gloomy winter, and into the light, I feel ready to conquer the world. I make new pledges, and get proactive. I made a little montage to share with you guys, some of the things that I love about this season.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Yellow Mellow

A friend of mine had his graduation party last night, and boy was it a celebration! Leave it to the Italians to put on a show, the food was delicious, the cake heavenly, and the music was lively. It really was a great ending to a hectic week! I got home around 3 in the morning, set the alarm for a 7:30 wake up call, and now am working via caffeine energy. Here in Venice the spring is hitting us pretty hard, so I woke up to a 15 degrees sunny morning. To spread my sunshine to you guys, am showcasing some beautiful yellow interiors.
 Image, courtesy of Luxury and Modern Colors in Decoration
                                 Image, courtesy of
Image, courtesy of
                                Image, courtesy of flickr

Friday, March 26, 2010


I love the Easter collection from Pottery Barn. It is a fresh reinvention of traditional ornaments, with an infusion of colours and beautiful embroidery. Am already dreaming of setting my dinner table like this on Easter day, but unfortunately for me, they don't ship outside the States.
This little mouse is my favourite.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Book Review

I bought this book last month when I was in London, and I have not being able to put it down. The author Sally Coulthard beautifully captures the essence of shed living. She gives a variety of examples of how these spaces can be used, whether as an artist studio, a garden retreat, or even a doctors surgery. There are lots of decorating tips, planning advice, and even an index of suppliers. I would highly recommend this book, especially to those people contemplating having a home office. It is the kind of coffee table book that you actually read time and time again.

Lesson 1

This morning, I received an email from my client (my first and only client) to tell me that she is selling her house, and does not need a designer any more. In other words, all the work done so far, is heading straight to my laptop's trash can. To be honest the news was quite unexpected, as I had seen her briefly 2 days ago and there were no talks of real estate sales. Well I suppose this is what happens when you work informally for people you know, and contracts aren't signed. My first lesson of business, sign the contracts right from the beginning, so that in case of situations like this, you get a little compensation for the work done.

So to cheer myself up, I went e-window shopping, am currently on the look out for beautiful spring home pieces.
I absolutely love this centerpiece by Hostess with the Mostess. It is so easy to make, very simple in design, yet seriously chic.
Can you believe that these colourful vases are nothing more than embellished ordinary vases and glasses. Japanese washi tapes are like decorative normal tapes, used to adorn ornaments in arts and crafts. Again, thanks to the Hostess with the Mostess for sharing.

For instructions on how to make these, make sure you check out the blog by clicking on the link.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Summer Cupcakes

Spring is finally upon us, the sun is out and the flowers are blooming. It's that time of year when everyone starts working out, in a last bid to shed the extra weight in time for summer. Naturally I've started being a bit more cautious with what I eat, saying no to a biscotti here and there, then the odd yes to a gelato. It didn't particularly do me any favours today, when I came across some of Martha Stewarts summer cupcakes, but I thought I should share it with you guys. Like a certain Parisian beauty once said, "let them eat cake". So buon-appetito!

Ice Cream Cupcakes

Butterfly Cupcakes

Lollipop Cupcakes

Bug Cupcakes

Shark and Beach Cupcakes

Monday, March 22, 2010

The wow factor

I love it when a designer turns an ordinary everyday product into a visual feast. These in store display units are by the Italian designer Francesca Signori. Made from 100% cardboard, they are both environmentally good, and artistic.

Design Fantasy

One of my design fantasies (and believe me I have many) is to live in a converted church. I have a great admiration for religious architecture in general, the way they are majestic on the outside and tranquil in the inside. Whether in a countryside or in a busy urban street, they have a certain uniqueness. Although different from faith to faith, they posses a character which completely detaches them from their surroundings, as if they are in a kingdom of their own. Blame it on my Christian faith if you will, but something about these spaces conjures up feelings of calm, peace and safety. Well Needless to explain my joy when I came across "Church of Living" by Zecc Architecten. Take a look at the pictures and let me know what you think.


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