Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy 100th to Ijeoma by Ijeoma!

Today marks my 100th post!
....and all I can say is wow! I truly cannot believe that a little blog I started 4 months ago, has come this far. At the risk of sounding like a Hollywood actress making her acceptance speech, I would first of all like to thank God. For the confidence and continued inspirations. I've always been camera shy, and so not into social networking stuff, like twitter, facebook and even blogs, now look at me.

I would also like to thank the friends I've made along the way, like my fellow bloggers Carmen Martins of Achados De Decoracao, Rosa Ronco of Chic Deco, and Zanele Okonkwo, who found my blog through my new facebook page. Thanks ladies, for your love and support, since the very beginning, when my blog had not more than 10 posts. Thanks also to my commenters, the new readers, the returning ones, and those who loved it so much, they wrote to tell me they introduced it to their friends. Last but certainly not least, thanks to my family and friends for everything. I wouldn't be me without them.

Darlings I do apologise for the lengthy speech, so without further ado lets raise our glasses and (virtually) toast my 100th post with the finest Prosecco and the most delicious chocolate cake.

You guys make it all worth it!

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  1. Great work! Keep it up sweety xxx

  2. zanele okonkwo30 July, 2010

    Continue with your wonderful work Ijeooma. I will always support whatever you pursue. Congratulations my dear.


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