Friday, September 10, 2010

Guess the house

Just because it's Friday doesn't mean we have to slack off now, does it? How about a little afternoon game to perk us up. What you have is four images of a celebrity's home, and you have till Monday to guess whose house it is.
Lucky for you guys the magazine I got this from has provided some very useful clues, but unluckily, I will be naming the source next week. So sorry, no cheating!
Any luck yet?
....well you have till Monday.

Play nice


  1. Gorgeous house, no clue who owns it though. I'll check back on Monday.

    Ciao x

  2. Is it someone from Sex and the City?

  3. All will be revealed on Monday! Night night my anonymous darlings. xo

  4. That house is indeed gorgeous, but I just couldn't guess who it can be. I'm craving for the answer, will def. check it out!

    Puck @

  5. I think its SJP!!


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