Friday, May 14, 2010

Dreamy Riverside House

Happy Friday beautiful people! I have absolutely no plans for this weekend, I'll see what pops up, it's much more fun that way. Before signing off for this week, I really wanted to show you guys this dreamy riverside house in my town. Isn't it a beau? Every time I walk past it, I always imagine the kind of parties I would have on that deck. Right now am picturing a late evening barbecue, a small intimate do with only 10 of my closest friends. Am wearing a long flowy Elie Saab summer dress, looking uber chic of course. The food is delicious and the smell softly mixes with the sweet scent of fresh seasonal flowers. What a life.

.....and it looks like this at night!
Seriously dreamy right? Isn't the reflections on the river a stunner?

Images taken by me


  1. zanele okonkwo15 May, 2010

    I like the lighting at night, beautiful picture.

  2. To be honest I don't think my pictures does enough justice to the beauty of the house, because it looks amazing in the day time too.


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