Monday, May 17, 2010

A piece of Venetian romance

Top of the morning to you all, how was your weekend? The weather here wasn't too good, so I didn't do much. I know that must sound strange coming from a London girl, but in Italy, rain can kill a social life quicker than you can say Tiramisu!
However, there were a few delights to this weekend that even the rain couldn't spoil, like my (c & c) cappuccino and catch up session with a friend. We sat in a tiny little cafe as she filled me in on her Wednesday dating philosophy. Finding it the most boring day of the week, she has decided to spice things up by making it her date night. So every week she gets wined and dined by the most eligible Bachelors that Italy has to offer. I couldn't help giggling my way through out the conversation, it was definitely worth stepping out in the rain for.'s your piece of Venetian romance my lovelies.
If you haven't been, you must go. Am in love with this place!

Image taken by me.

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