Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wish List Wednesday

Morning darlings, am sending a huge sunny hug to all of you. Those of you who read my post yesterday will remember me mentioning that I bought a very beautiful antique type writer over the weekend. The market was full of so many lovely items, which came with hefty prices too. So I've put together all the things that I really liked and wish I could have.

That dress makers dummy is so adorable, I went back twice to see the seller, but unfortunately she was away on both occasions.
Aren't these the prettiest collection of vintage stuff? Each one of them really captured my heart.

Any favourites?

Images by
Ijeoma by Ijeoma


  1. Hi dear, how are you? I´m pretty jealous of you guys in abroad ahaha Let me explain! Here in Sao Paulo, Brazil, there are only 3 or 4 flea markets and they all have a little problem: things are tooooo expensive there. Can you imagine that? Last saturday I went to one of them but I always return very sad to home =( ahahaha You´re a lucky girl!!!

  2. Hey am cool, just roasting in this intense Mediterranean sun :) Darling you live in Brazil, the word jealousy should definitely not come from your mouth. However, because I think you're the sweatiest, I promise to give you a tour of the really good flea markets, if you hop over to this side of the pond.


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