Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Love Affair

Nicole Jane Home recently posted a comment on twitter about her disbelief regarding some people's negativity towards the colour pink. I myself have a personal love affair with this particular shade of pastel, therefore I do struggle to understand why some people vehemently detest it. Pink is a colour that has been traditionally used to represent the female gender, so it is often viewed as soft and feminine. I remember growing up, there were the girls that liked the colour and the girls that didn't. The latter played football with the boys, whilst the former sat around reading fashion magazines, whilst thinking of 1001 ways to skip sports. (cliche?...but true)

Now as an adult the reputation still hasn't improved. As much as the fashion designers tried to reinvent it by flooding the catwalks with male models wearing salmon coloured shirts, the truth is that it is still an uncertain colour for a lot of people. Is it too young? Too feminine? The majority simply don't know how to wear this colour, let alone decorate their home with it.

Well enough I say! Pink is one of the most versatile of colours, it has an abundance of various shades, from the baby kind, to the strong fuschia. You can team it up with other pastels, like blues, and, yellows, as well as stronger colours such as black. It can be feminine, chic, or strong and bold. So if there is anyone out there who hasn't experimented with it yet, do it! I have included a few examples of the different ways this colour can be worked. Have a look and let me know your thoughts, am particularly interested to hear from the pink picketers (haters).


  1. Amen!! Those are the best pink chairs I've ever seen!!!!!

  2. Hey, thanks for dropping by my blog, and also for the inspiration for the article. Yes the chairs are beautiful!

  3. Oh yes pink is the best! I LOVE your collection of pics!



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