Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Beauty and Simplicity

I really like this house for it's beauty and simplicity. Although the materials and form are charming, what I really, really love about it, is the way that it opens up to the outside world. Maybe my city upbringing has had the opposite effects on me, but as I get older I want more and more to be closer to nature, for me it's the feeling of freedom that it brings. Of course the clean air, fresh greenery, and beautiful views doesn't hurt either.
This home in Stockholm was designed by Widjedal Racki Bergerhof, and I think it's a real beauty.
Isn't this perfect for entertaining? I can just picture the late evening summer parties on that lovely courtyard. This is what I mean about a house opening up to the outside, it makes the space look bigger.
If I lived here I would use this area for breakfast.
The stone floor with the white interior is perfect.
See what I mean? Imagine bathing here everyday, and looking out into the openness, how good would that be for inspirational therapy!
Need I say more?

Images via arch daily

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