Friday, July 02, 2010

A Venetian Sunset

Happy Friday! It has to be said that this one took a bit long to get here, or perhaps it's just me. Am still not fully recovered from last week's island hopping, each night I plan to go to bed early, but it never happens. Either it's midnight ice cream or spritz with the girls, there's always something keeping me past my ideal bed time. On the other hand, it's summer, the nights are warm and comforting, so it's got to be a sin to retire from the night early.
This weekend am planning to take it a bit easy, I will sleep a lot, and maybe go to the beach. What are you folks upto?

Have a nice weekend my dears, here's a piece of venetian sunset for you to enjoy!

Image taken by me


  1. It was great to see it with you! So many lovely momories! Thanks for everything :)

  2. Oh I miss Venice...such a gorgeous sunset. I'm planning a relaxing weekend...but I'm always up for some fun with my friends :-)

    Happy Friday!

    Cheers: Evi


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