Thursday, August 19, 2010

Beautiful outdoor spaces

Autumn is in the air....
...but lets not wave good-bye to summer just yet.
Unfortunately for this London girl, the weather here hasn't been too friendly lately, so I can only dream of beautiful homemade alfresco dinning. For you lucky ones out there basking in the warm sunshine, I hope you make the most of your outdoor space before it's all over.

Images via Freshome


  1. Dear Ijeoma!! In July and August we have winter in Brazil and it´s been very cold here (less than yours - off course) but I don´t care because I´m doing a skin treatment (peeling)and I´m looking like a snake changing its skin ahahahaha

    I hope your Summer lasts forever!!!!!!


  2. zanele okonkwo22 August, 2010

    Hi Ijeoma!! Beautiful pictures. It'll soon be spring this side & then summer so it's starting to get warm. I can't wait for that so we can have barbecues outdoors.


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