Monday, August 02, 2010

New Chapter

Wow! What a hectic few days it has been. The instant decision to move, the packing, the final dinners with friends...ahhh! Well, needless to say, I'm a little exhausted and overwhelmed. Since my flights were booked last wednesday, everything has happened so fast, and now as I write this post, siting in my (well my parents) living room it's hard to believe that it all happened in less than a week.
Before continuing any further, I must apologise for the super late post, but toady has been so hectic. What have I been doing? Getting my life back! Today has been full of the endless errands one must do as a result of moving. I also decided to treat myself by ordering a new blackberry, in the words of Sam from Sex and the City, "I work hard, I deserve it". (ha ha)

So anyway, it's strange to think that just a year ago I was looking forward to moving to Italy, time has definitely flown past. What a year it has been too, I've had the good fortune of making great life-long friends, seeing beautiful places, and going to the most exquisite parties, what more could a girl wish for. As this part of my life ends, I look forward to what lies ahead. Come this September, I will be starting my masters of Architecture programme. Never one to miss an adventure, I was actually accepted last year but decided to postpone, when the opportunity for a year abroad came along.

So my friends, join me in the new chapter of my life, I have a funny feeling this one is going to be action packed.


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