Friday, August 27, 2010

Out of Africa

Happy Friday my darlings! I hope it has been a good week for you all. I just found out that registration for my masters of architecture is on the 1st of September, that's right, next Wednesday! Ahhh! Scary thought been a student again, I feel like it was just yesterday that I was zipping around Venice in a boat, hopping from one island to the next, and now my life is going to be about lectures, thesis and endless late night study sessions. Oh goodness me!

The upside to all of this, is that I get to design again as a student, which means not giving a damn about budgets, and now that I have a blog, I can share all of my weird and wonderful creations with you folks. My year in Italy has been a real inspirational therapy for me, I literally soaked up every juicy bit of beauty in that gorgeous country, and now I feel re-charged, reborn (please excuse the drama) and ready to do my thing. Can I get an Amen friends?

In order to make the most of the free time that I have left, I have decided to do absolutely nothing. So today I'm taking it real easy, lounging around and flicking through old issues of interior magazines. One of my favourite past times, might I add. I came across the 2008 October issue of The world of Interiors, and fell in love all over again with a beach house in Africa. Lets all take a Friday mid-afternoon visual holiday to Kenya. Woohoo!

Images via The world of Interiors

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  1. Hi!! thanks so much for the support and encouragement. This has all left a really bad taste in my mouth. I think it was the fact that once I had removed the original images from flickr, she just baltently went back and got more. It seems to be resolved now though thankfully and good luck to you being a student again! It's fantstic, I had a blast at Uni, happy days!!


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