Wednesday, September 01, 2010



Ok, ok, I know it's not officially autumn yet, but today is the first of September and I am in the mood for the new season, even if I have to give it a gentle push. Please excuse my outburst, but my darlings, I am so, so giddy today. Giddy as a school girl with a crush! Why? I hear you ask. Two reasons, the rest of my stuff just arrived from Venice (literally) half an hour ago, so that officially marks the end of that chapter of my life.

It took a little while to get here due to complications with sending my bike from Italy, but finally it has arrived, and I cannot wait to tear open the boxes, I have a special place reserved for my tanned orange vintage typewriter, which I picked up at the antique market in Venice-Treviso. Sadly my beloved pinarello bike will remain in the box, as I believe that bike riding in London is for the insane. Apologies for any cyclist out there, but I just can't take the risk.

Swiftly moving on, the second thing making me all weak at the knees, is the new colours of the season. Folks I'm so happy to see the stronger palettes making a come back, from the deepest berry colours to the scarlets of reds. I'm no psychic but I say we're about to step into a season filled with passion, strength and zero fear.

Happy passionate September all!

Images from Ideal Home magazine

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