Thursday, September 02, 2010

Mathew Williamson's home collection

I love it when top fashion designers step into the world of interiors.
Mathew Williamson's home collection for the British department store Debenhams, is as beautiful and stylish as the pieces that he creates for the catwalk. As usual there is his signature of colour explosion and exoticism. The embroidery details are exquisite, and so are the patch work of the bedding. As if this wasn't enough, we "normal" people can get our pretty little hands on them, as they come at a none designer price tag.

What more can a girl wish for I say.


  1. OOohhh! I love them!! I love those designs with that moroccan touch! Next week I'm going to publish a post about Maroccan inspiration, I should have seen your post before, lol! I really love exotic designs!

  2. lovely post and blog!

    I'm doing a GIVEAWAY right now for my online store grand opening, check it out if you'd like : )

    Gina Marie Vintage

  3. Hi my dear!!! good morning (here it´s 11:50 am). Did you like the brazilian chocolate (we call it Brigadeiro)? it´s so delicious!!

    Darling, I thought about you yesterday because I war reading a book called THE WELL DRESSED HOME by Annette Tatum. It´s amazing: how to discover a customer´s interior design style trough his/her Fashion taste. Check it out in a bookstore!!

    kisses and hugs from Brazil. Have a great thursday!

    Carmen Martins


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