Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fabric City

Oh what a beautiful morning! I've decided to make the most of today, because the weather report doesn't look too good for the next few days. There goes my weekend at the beach. So in the theme of beauty, I would like to share with you guys my love of well designed fabrics. Whether it's for dresses, wallpapers, or carpets, am a real sucker for a pretty pattern.

This collection by Tricia Guild, was influenced by her trip to Japan. The lovely patterns represents the spring in Kyoto.
I love Scott Salvator's French interpretation of Indian hand painted cotton.
I really like the freshness of Suzanne Rheinstein's take on the English Countryside.

With each of the fabrics, I can imagine where they would go perfectly. The first image of the English countryside would look great on one side of an all white kitchen wall, either in a country house or an English inspired kitchen.

Can you see any of the fabrics in your home, or a project you might be working on?

There are more information about the designers and their collections on the House Beautiful website.

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