Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Top fashion buys

You know you're in trouble when the make up lady announces that you have perfect skin, therefore hardly any make-up was needed.....ahhhh! This was my exact predicament yesterday morning, there I was sitting with wide open Bambie" eyes in anticipation and excitement of my fashion shoot, only to be told that I would hardly be wearing any foundation, just eye and lip colour.
Most people fail to see my anguish about this, but come on, no girl wants to do a fashion shoot with hardly any make up, right? How do you folks feel about this? Natural beauty or no natural beauty, I have nothing to prove, please please, make me up just like the other girls! Ok, enough with the venting, am sorry my darlings, but there's no point in having a blog if you can't have a little outburst every now and again.

....So in the spirit of fashion, I would like to point you guys to the Instyle's list of 50 summer must haves under £50!
I checked it out, liked a lot of it, and for you folks outside the UK, some of the retailers deliver internationally. So go ahead and take advantage of the weak £.

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