Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Wish List Wednesday

Today is a public holiday, and instead of heading out to the beach with my roomie and some friends, am in my room doing some office work. Life sure does have a funny sense of humor! As I sit here at my reading table, looking outside the window, I wish more than anything that I could be in this picture.

I would love to be relaxing in that lovely gazebo, overlooking the water. Of course I would be wearing this beautiful summer dress by Zimmermann, and sipping on some deliciously fruity cocktail, whilst reading the Big book of small cool spaces by Apartment Therapy.  Being the clever girl that I am, I would have a pair of binoculars to hand, just incase some cute sailors sailed by :-)..........enough dreaming, back to work.

For those of you office workers out there, do you also dream about days in the sun? If so what do you dream about?


  1. zanele okonkwo02 June, 2010

    Yes, I dream of Jamaica!!!

  2. ahahaha Now I´m laughing with your post. I loved the "binoculars" thing. Yes! You´re a clever girl!

    Ijeoma, thanks for stoping by!! I love when you visit me. Thanks for tip too: the "P´s and Q´s" thing was amazing to learn.


  3. Carmen you are so sweet! Thanks for such lovely words, it's always my pleasure to visit your beautiful blog filled with inspirations.


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