Thursday, June 03, 2010

In search of Lost Paradise

Remember my last post when I said that life has a funny sense of humor? Well, I totally stand by my remark! Imagine my face yesterday afternoon at around 3pm (European time of course), when I stepped out of my apartment, hopped onto my bike, and peddled for a couple of minutes before being nicely greeted by the rain. Actually, no need to imagine, I'll tell you that it wasn't a happy face.

After working all morning and the early part of the afternoon (on a public holiday might I add), I decided to accept a friend's invitation to aperitifs in Venice, and as my luck will have it, the sun decided to go for a siesta at that exact time. Half an hour train ride later, we were standing under the big clock outside the train station, I was in chocolate brown ballerina pumps, she in black strappy sandals, and both of us completely wet. Not even our handbag sized umbrellas could protect us from the Italian monsoon. Giggling like two little school girls, we made our way through the back alleys, out of the tourist way, and in search of lost paradise, the old restaurant that she wanted to take me to. We fought against the rain, wind and cold, to finally arrive to a closed door. It wasn't open due to the holiday.....ahhh!

Does things like this happen to you guys too? Is it just me? Seriously this stuff happens all the time!

In the end we went into the nearest bar for some c&c (catch up and cappuccino) session, it was nice. It's always good spending time with a friend, but my mind still wonders about the lost paradise. I promise to go back and give you guys a detailed report, but until then, feast your eyes on this mini paradise at home. A house with a pool inside?..... yes please!

Enjoy my darlings!
It's slightly strange, but beautiful, I love it! What do you folks say?

Images via Interiorzine


  1. zanele okonkwo03 June, 2010

    Oh no! Pool must be outside, maybe I'm still old-fashioned Ijeoma!! Either than that it's a lovely house.

  2. Hmm...I hear you, but there's just something about having an indoor pool, that makes me weak at the knees. To me it screams luxury!


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