Friday, June 04, 2010

Friday good stuff

I feel like standing on top of a roof and shouting from the bottom of my lungs, IT'S FRIDAY!
This week hasn't been that bad due to the mid-week public holiday, but am very glad that the weekend is finally here. Tonight is going to be a bitter-sweet moment for me, as am going to my friends farewell party. Really looking forward to ending the day with a great get together, but dreading the good byes. Hmm...such as life. On the bright side, I've come across a couple of good stuff that I would like to share with you folks. First stop, is the amazing competition by Ideal Home magazine. They are offering one lucky person the chance to win a luxury break in the highly fashionable boutique hotel by Missoni.

Yes people, Missoni!
The hotel is located in Edinburgh, so unfortunately the competition is only for people residing in the UK and the Channel islands. Am sorry if you aren't eligible to enter, neither am I at the moment, but fear not beacuse I have one more goodie to share.

Feast your beautiful eyes on these!
Don't they look so yummy? If you head over to Ming makes cupcakes, you can have their recipes too! She also makes cookies and all other savory treats, it's definitely worth checking out! You can thank Jen of Made by girl, for the introduction.

mmm....that's all folks! I wish you all the best weekend, am going to the beach if the weather is good, I would love to know what you guys get up to.

Images of Missoni from 

This is London
Koming up
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