Friday, July 23, 2010


Welcome to Relais Monaco...
Oh, was the word I thought when we arrived at this beautiful hotel yesterday evening. When a friend invites you to after work apperitivo, naturally you assume that it's a fairly low key event, right? Obviously wrong! So there we were, five under-dressed girls and a dog, peeking into the gate, trying to decide if we should go in or not. Finally we did, and this is what we met......
A garden laid with beautiful white tents......
.....and a gorgeous pool surrounded with glittering tea lights.
What would life be, without crazy friends?

So it ended up been a good night, a little pricey, but definitely worth it. The food was delicious too. If you're ever in Ponzano, which is in the Veneto region of Italy, then you must check it out.

Have a good weekend folks, I have no plans as yet, I'll see what pops up. As always am ever so curious to know what you guys are doing.


  1. Anonymous23 July, 2010

    Aperitivo. Ain't necessary another P.

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