Monday, August 09, 2010

Beautiful boat house

Such a beautiful and simple way to live.
This gorgeous boat belongs to one of the forum users of Ideal Home magazine. All I know of the owner is that her name is Dominique, and that she has good taste and a creative way of living. So without further ado, lets check out her humble abode!
According to the post left on the site, there is also a walk in closet, however pictures weren't provided, so we can only imagine what it looks like.

Does it tickle your fancy folks?

For me I love the simplicity of everything, from the lifestyle, down to the choice of decor. Nothing is pretentious, it's the kind of beautiful space that works whether you're at home relaxing, working or entertaining 1 or 2 guests. This would be perfect for a traveling designer like myself, I really can't stop swooning!

Images via Ideal Home

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  1. i was tweeting boats fro the obx last week. love them


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