Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Living room ideas

....and am feeling blue.

I'm a feminine kinda girl, and my favourite colour has always been pink, but recently, I've been drawn more to the blues than anything else. I love the tranquility it creates, when combined with white.
Or its richness when teamed with chocolate brown.
Mostly, the thing I like about this hue, is its adaptability. It comes in so many shades and can be mixed with a variety of contrasting colours to create the perfect space.

Anyone else feeling the blues too?

Images via 4Homes

1 comment:

  1. zanele okonkwo15 August, 2010

    Ijeoma, I've never purchased any blue furniture, however, I must admit that your living room selection is lovely, good choice! The 6th picture is my favourite.


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