Monday, August 23, 2010

Garden retreat

Happy Monday my darlings! Good weekend?
My Saturday was hectic and filled with way too many errands, but yesterday eased off a little bit and I had a lazy evening, which gave me time to catch up with my blog and magazine reading. I came across this beautiful garden retreat in Country Living, and how I wish I had one just like it! Very green chic, I would use it as a studio, as well as a little place to escape to and be in my own world....hmmm


  1. Ijeoma! darling its really beautiful! I wish I had something like this too! Have a great week!

  2. I am seriously taking care of my Sept issues... loving them... great image!

  3. Ijeoma, darling! It´s great to know that you love color as much as I do. The book from Eva Heller is aaaaaaamazing but it´s originally in german and I don´t know if it has been translated to english; the book from Josef Albers is fantastic too and this can be found in english. Enjoy!!!!


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