Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Creative career hopping

"I find this quite common with creative types — we tend to embark on one thing but ultimately land on another."

This sentence is taken from the decor8 blog by Holly Becker. It particularly interests me because she is talking about an issue very close to my own heart. Holly began her creative career as an interior designer, and quickly discovered that she had more interests in interior writing and consulting, than she did with the actual design. She also introduces us to the ever so talented Maria Grossmann, who started as a photographer, but now works creating the scenes to be photographed. She too, uncovered her strong passion for creating the look, than capturing the look. So many creatives often change paths along the way, myself included. I started my training in architecture, and along the way working as a fashion writer for a global Italian label, fashion styling, and more recently, art directing reportage videos for fashion events.

When I was younger I ultimately wanted to use every medium available to express everything in my head. University wasn't much help either, as we were encouraged to use a variety of sources for inspiration. Food, art, film, fashion, we had no boundaries of how to relate architecture to these disciplines. So after university I still wanted to experience other forms of design and creativity. When I got a great opportunity to work in fashion in Italy I decided to take it, rather than going back to do my masters of Architecture.

Nearly a year has passed and I have learnt so much. Meeting others like me has helped to strengthen my confidence as a person and as a designer. It is ok to create furnishings as well as buildings, hence this blog. As humans we evolve everyday, and so does our interests and passions.

In celebration of every creative person out there who is, or was confused, find some comfort from the works of Maria Grossmann, who had the courage to follow her passion whichever path it lead her.

Why do creative people career hop the most?

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