Monday, April 12, 2010

Universal language

I know they say that pictures are universal languages, however in the case of magazines or books, I do enjoy reading the articles that comes with them too. I was so happy when I went into a shop last week in London, and was able to pick up some of my favourite interior design mags and enjoy reading them. There are slight disadvantages to living in a country where you are still learning the language, and this is definitely one of them. So inspirit of one creative voice, I hereby include some of my favourite images from Livingetc, you don't need to read them to love them.
I really like the way this white decor is given a focal point through the use of color coordinated books. Utter-brilliance, and an excellent space saver!


  1. I love this blog!!!!
    -Ive just passed on the link to a number of people.
    cheers ms.

  2. Thank you Phoebe. Keep reading, plenty more creative juice coming, I promised info of my Italian adventures, and I will deliver!


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