Thursday, June 10, 2010

Miami Beach Townhouse

My darlings I need a holiday. I know everyone feels like this, especially around this time of year, but I really do need to get a away for a little while. I've been thinking a lot about where my destination should be, and to be honest am having difficulties in deciding. At first I thought about spending 2 weeks in Rome, or maybe a tour around northern Italy, but my friend invited me to New York ages ago, so perhaps I should go there. I really don't know, sometimes too many options can be a bad thing, and the more I see beautiful holiday homes like this, the more I want to jump on the next plane.

This lovely Miami Beach Townhouse, is where I want to be right now! Look at that deck, perfect for late evening entertaining.
I would love to know your plans for the summer. Are you as undecided as me?

Images via Freshome

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