Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy Monday my lovelies! I hope you all had a beautiful and relaxing weekend break. As promised, this week is all about catching you guys up on all my adventures during my hiatus from the blogosphere. My time in Amsterdam last summer was particularly fun, as I got to spend some time with my childhood bff as she prepared for her wedding. It was such an amazing experience, she took me to a concert hosted by the philharmonic orchestra...such beautiful music. No pics to show for that am afraid, photography wasn't allowed, all I can say is that the venue was drop dead spectacular!
I did some touristy stuff, but not much. What I did do a lot of, was to eat everything and anything, that's what traveling is all about right? We went to this Moroccan restaurant with the most delicious food, as you can see from the pics, we committed serious carbocide, but it was most definitely worth it :) We passed through the flower market and ended up staying for an hour, it smelled so delicious and everything looked so pretty. I also went on a mini architecture tour, which I'll show you guys tomorrow. Pretty pictures of dutch cottages, so beautiful and picturesque.

So what did you guys get upto this weekend?

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